Cutout animation

The Cutout Animation consists of scraps of paper, cloth or similar material. The figures of the characters are split and cut, only to be joined by small fermacampione or simply superimposed; these are then resumed under the vertical support at one step, for particular poses may act by substitution. Although it may seem like a pretty basic technique it is to reside on its own charm in this aesthetic simplicity, reminiscent of a childish side reasons but can also give a completely opposite effect, the technique directly derived fact, namely the silhouette animation, where you work sometimes on the light table itself during shooting, it gives a visual perception quite elaborate and at times even disturbing.

The whole point of animation to me is to tell a story, make a joke, express an idea. The technique itself does not really matter. Whatever works is the thing to use. Terry Gilliam

Artworks Select:

  • "The Me Bird" 18bis study - 2013
  • Matt Stone, Trey Parker "South Park" (First episode) - 1997
  • Norman McLaren "Le Merle" - 1958
  • Lotte Reiniger - "Cinderella" - 1954

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